The Alternative Assessment Toolkit is an interactive tool designed to recommend educational assessment tools and activities for different learning and teaching scenarios.

Built out from an earlier research study by Elle Ting, Andy Sellwood, and Andrew Dunn of Vancouver Community College’s Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR) in 2022, the Toolkit is intended to help protect academic integrity by facilitating the implementation of assessments that accurately represent student achievement while minimizing student stress; it was conceived as a living document and will evolve to include more information and options as these become available. Feedback and questions about the toolkit can be sent to Elle Ting or Andy Sellwood.

This project is supported by the BCcampus Research Fellows Program, which provides BC postsecondary educators and students with funding to conduct small-scale research on teaching and learning, as well as explore evidence-based teaching practices that focus on student success and learning.

Please visit BCcampus for more information.

Using the toolkit:

Based on your selections you will see a list of suggested assessment tools, strategies, and approaches.

Select the 'Show/hide filtering options' button. With the filters shown, make your selection(s) and then click the 'Apply filters' button to see the results.

To see all the tools, click the 'Apply filters' button without changing the default values.