Our Centre

Supporting instructional development and best practices since 2007.

‌‌Teach-Learn Postcard, 500 pxSince its inception, our centre has focused on developing expertise and college-wide best practices in teaching, learning, and research.

Development History and Milestones:

  • 2019: "Online Developers" (ODevs) were added to support eLearning course development.
  • 2018: Hired our Manager, Online Learning Strategy and Design, and won VCC Excellence Award for Service.
  • 2018: Completed a self study; renamed to The  Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR).
  • 2017: Distributed Learning Support team renamed to eLearning Support.
  • 2015 - 2017: Increased F/T Instructional Associates; supported college-wide workshops on open ed resources, research, institutional learning outcomes, and educational technology (at VCC and across BC via ETUG).
  • 2013: Improved Moodle support with an online ticketing system and knowledgebase.
  • 2012: Supported development of VCC college policies and new CD processes.
  • 2011: Improved the study of teaching & learning by developing research and ethical conduct policies per TCPS-2; hired Moodle Media Developer to help faculty publish online course material.
  • 2010: Enhanced Instructional Development: workshops for New Faculty, Proposal Writing, Program Review; opened our office at Bwy campus.
  • 2009: Standardized forms and processes for Curriculum Development; Moodle Support enhanced with F/T Distributed Learning Support Technician.
  • 2009: Opened office at the VCC Downtown campus.
  • 2008: Standardized college-wide processes for Program Renewal.
  • 2007: Began supporting the Moodle LMS and ed- tech methodologies (documentation, course templates, QA models, online design best practices).
  • 2007: The Centre for Instructional Development (CID) was established at VCC in November of 2007.

CID Annual Activity Reports

Integrated College Plan