Curriculum Development at VCC

The CTLR provides support to departments, programs, and faculty in the design, development, evaluation and revision of programs and courses. The team will design tailored workshops to fit your department needs. An Instructional Associate (IA) will also guide you through the VCC governance approval process (VCC Curriculum Committee and Education Council) as outlined in the Curriculum Development and Approval Process Policy.

Curriculum documentation is created and approved through the VCC Governance process. These processes may include the Curriculum CommitteeEducation Council (EDCO) and the Board of Governors. The process is supported by the CTLR’s Instructional Associates and usually includes development or updating of curriculum documents, review by other college departments, and then submission to the VCC Curriculum Committee and EDCO for approval.

The following flowcharts provide a high-level overview of the curriculum development governance process:

Refer to the Curriculum Approval Time Frame 2024-revised.v2 for exact submission dates. Submissions received past the required due date may be deferred to the following month. For questions regarding the curriculum approval time frame contact Darija Rabadzija:; ext. 7023.