Curriculum Development at VCC

Support with Curriculum Development

The CTLR provides support to departments, programs, and faculty in the design, development, and revision of programs and courses. An Instructional Associate (IA) can also guide you through the governance approval process as outlined in the Curriculum Development and Approval Process Policy. Please contact

Curriculum Development Policies 

VCC’s governance process ensures that all programs and courses meet VCC's quality standards. This process is administered by the Board of Governors, Education Council, and Curriculum Committee.

The following policies and procedures support and guide curriculum development at VCC:

  1. Policy C.3.14 - Curriculum Development and Approval
  2. Policy C.1.4 - Assignment of Credits to Courses
  3. Policy C.1.3 - Granting of Credentials Procedures
  4. Policy C.3.1 - Program Advisory Committees
  5. Policy C.3.2 - Program Review and Renewal
  6. Policy C.3.10 - Affiliation Agreements
  7. Policy D.3.6 - Admissions
  8. Policy D.3.6.1 - Flexible Admissions 

You can find all the above policies and procedures at the VCC Education Policy site:

Curriculum Development Governance and Planning

The process for governance approval is determined by the type of curriculum development:

Development Templates

The CTLR provides development template documents as tools to help curriculum developers and Department Leaders draft the information required for the development of new curriculum, and the revision of existing curriculum.

  1. Program Level Template (Word .docx)
  2. Course Level Template (Word .docx)
  3. Concept Paper Template (Word .docx)

Once your templates are ready, you can move ahead to create your CD documents in VCC's CourseLeaf system.

Resources for Curriculum Developers

Curriculum Development Guiding Questions

Curriculum Style Guide


Email an Instructional Associate at