Program Review and Renewal

The purpose of the Program Review and Renewal Policy is to support and enhance the quality of VCC programs. Through this, the College builds confidence among internal and external stakeholders regarding the integrity, quality and effectiveness of our programs.

These processes are informed by VCC Program Review and Renewal Policy C.3.2.

Ongoing Annual Program/Department Review

The Ongoing Annual Program/Department Review is an opportunity for faculty and staff to examine the state of teaching and learning at the Program/Department level in a collaborative and consultative manner.

The results of this formative process will provide the College with a program/department level analysis of challenges and opportunities, as well as action plans necessary to meet them.

Department Heads will use the Ongoing Annual Program/Department Review form to respond to the Dean and VP Education on:

  • Program status, innovations and issues
  • Program Development recommendations
  • How the recommendations will be achieved

Details and procedures are available from the office of VCC's Vice President, Academic.

Formal Program Renewal

Programs go through a formal renewal process every 5-7 years per policy 3.2. The process is an in-depth, evidence-based, forward-looking and collaborative process, often leading into curriculum development fund applications. The schedule is decided by the VP Academic in consultation with Education Quality Council (EQC). An Instructional Associate from CTLR chairs the steering committee and guides the year-long process. Departments receive a nominal amount of funding to support the program renewal.

Program renewal consists of 4 phases:

  1. Department self-study
  2. External review of department/program
  3. Final summary report
  4. Preparation of department action plan and submission to VP Academic, Education Quality Committee and Education Council