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Use this form to request a Moodle shell from eLearning Support.

NOTE: Instead of requesting a NEW course shell, consider resetting your existing course shell. Please read our Knowledgebase article: "KB1078 - Should I ask for a new course shell, or reset my current one?"

Information required to complete this form can be found in the Training Plan or Course Schedule for your program. (Consult your Department Head/Coordinator for details).

Please complete one form for each course. Your shell will be created within three working days.
You and your Department Head/Coordinator will be notified via email when your course shell is ready.

  • Step 1: Complete all of the required fields on this form. (* indicates required fields)
  • Step 2: Print a copy for your records.
  • Step 3: Submit the form (by selecting the 'Submit' button) to complete your request.

Please note: If requesting a shell for anything other than an actual course, please use 'N/A' in the required fields and provide an explanation in the Additional Comments field, at the bottom of the form.

If you wish to be contacted by someone from the VCC Library, regarding online services that can be custom tailored to your course or program, please check the box at the bottom of this form.

CID: Moodle Course Shell Request Form
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  • The Moodle Course ID can be found at the end of the URL from the course's main page.
    For example, in the URL above the Moodle Course ID is 867
  • If you request a copy of a course shell but are not an instructor in it, please get permission from the course creator, the course instructor, or the Department Head, and ask them to email their permission to
  • Have you considered RESETTING your course instead of cloning it? Learn more about resetting.

Use the VCC Standard Template (View the VCC Standard Template)

No Template - An Empty Shell (Program or non-academic use only)

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