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CTLR Byte-size workshops: Online Learning from Design to Delivery

Based on interactions with VCC departments and faculty, the CTLR team has identified common challenges in the practice of online or blended teaching. We have designed this workshop series to support the VCC teaching community in its continuing efforts to provide quality education that meets the needs and competencies of our programs and students.

This series of workshops shares current practices for online teaching, from design to delivery. The focus is on both the pedagogy of online learning and the technology to support that learning.

These sessions will be practical, informative, and interactive, providing participants with skills to apply in their online teaching practice. 

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Kaltura Captions & Transcription workshop

Find out how to add accessibility features like captions and transcripts to your Kaltura videos in Moodle.

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Supporting Multilingual Students Online

Post-secondary classrooms and other adult learning environments are more linguistically and culturally diverse than ever before. Join us for an interactive workshop where we will explore the benefits and challenges of teaching multilingual students and the practical strategies to support multilingual students in your online classes. 

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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Inclusive Teaching

Designing a course with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles in mind helps to create learning environments in which all students can thrive. Join us for an interactive session where we’ll learn about UDL and the practical UDL tools you can use now in both your face-to-face and online courses.

Pre-workshop links:

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Facilitating Online Learning

Join us for an interactive session where we will provide strategies to help you engage, motivate, include, and direct your learners through effective facilitation of both synchronous and asynchronous online activities.

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Engaging and Motivating Students Online 

During the past 9 months, we have mostly transitioned our teaching and learning activities to an online format. In this workshop we will discover how to keep our students excited, engaged and motivated, through both synchronous and asynchronous delivery methods. Bring your ideas and have an open mind to what is possible.

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  • Zoom Session Week of Feb 8th

Building Community Online 

Student Engagement has a direct impact on motivation and quality of learning.  In this workshop session, we will engage with the “Community of Inquiry” framework.  Integrating this framework into your online design will enhance the quality of learning through development of cognitive, teacher, and social presence in the online environment. Engage your students in their learning environment and you will see greater results in your teaching. 

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  • Zoom Session Week of Feb 15th

Using Video Effectively 

Get tips and learn best practices for using online video in your Moodle courses, as well as practical information on how to make a video available in your course.

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  • Zoom Session Week of Feb 15th

Moodle Gradebook 

Join us for some practical tips on using Moodle’s built-in gradebook tool to collect and aggregate students’ grades. Learn how to make your Moodle gradebook align with your syllabus.

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  • Zoom Session Week of Feb 22nd



WorkshopVideo FileChat transcriptOther resources
Supporting Your Students. 14 January 2021 Video Chat Transcript: Supporting Your Students  
Designing Online Learning. 13 January 2021 Video    
Creating Interactive Content. 15 December 2020 Video Chat Transcript: Creating Interactive Content  
Synchronous vs Asynchronous in Teaching and Learning. 10 December 2020 Video Chat Transcript: Synchronous vs Asynchronous Trades and Vocational Education Summit Series Keynote (referenced in the workshop)
Breaking the Fraud Triangle: Assessment in online learning and teaching. 2 December 2020 Video Chat Transcript: Breaking the Fraud Triangle  
Moodle Showcase. 26 November 2020 Video Chat Transcript: Moodle Showcase  
Annual Program Review Workshop. 4 November 2020 Video   Annual Program Review Workshop 2020 Slides
Principles of Online Learning: Facilitation. 14 October 2020 Video    
Moodle Q&A Drop in. 18 September 2020 Video Chat Transcript: Moodle Q and A Drop-in  
Kaltura Capture and Media Management (BC Net) Video    
Kaltura Analytics and Student Engagement (BC Net) Video    
Streaming Video: Beyond YouTube. 30 July 2020 Video   Slides
Screencasting with Kaltura Capture & Screencast-o-matic. 23 July 2020 Video   Slides: Screencasting: Best Practices from the Literature
Slides: Screencasting: Record and edit in Screencastomatic
Slides: Screencasting: Create & Upload Closed Captions
Designing and Planning an Online Course. 9 June 2020 Video    
Student Accommodations for Online Course Delivery. 8 April 2020 Video Chat Transcript: Student Accommodations for Online Course Delivery  
Assessment in Online Learning. 31 March 2020 Video Chat Transcript: Assessment in Online Learning  
Working from home clinic. 27 March 2020     Slides
Introduction to Teaching using Zoom. 18 March 2020 Video