VCC’s Teaching and Learning Symposium is a forum for sharing ideas, practices, and experiences related to teaching and learning.

2020 VCC Teaching and Learning Symposium
March 12th 2020

Call for Proposals:

At our first teaching and learning symposium, we are exploring the theme “The Future of Teaching and Learning”.

A variety of external changes are impacting the nature of teaching and learning in the post-secondary area. Shifts in technology, industry, and learner demographics are some key examples, but more locally there are other factors, such as the changes occurring in the K-12 education system.

We are looking for people to present on this theme.
In particular, questions that could be addressed in a presentation may include:

  • How are programs adapting to the various external changes occurring globally, nationally, and locally?
  • How will teaching and learning change over the coming years in order to respond to the needs of learners and the demands of industry?
  • How will developments in educational technology impact post-secondary education?
  • How will indigenization, changes in the K-12 system, and shifting learner demographics/psychographics shape the future of teaching and learning?
  • How will work-based training change in response to advances in educational technology?

Session Length

Please choose one of the following for your proposal (note that the program committee may request that you change your session length):

  • 10-minute Lightning session
  • 30-minute presentation session
  • 60-minute session (e.g., panel, a roundtable discussion or activity-based)

Criteria for Selection

The program committee will review proposals based on the following criteria:

  1. The session is relevant to the overall theme of the symposium.
  2. The description contains clearly defined purpose and outcomes.
  3. The session is informed by relevant literature, theory, and/or research in the area.
  4. The session topic will be of interest to symposium attendees from a variety of perspectives
    (e.g., diverse disciplinary backgrounds, diverse roles).
  5. The session is likely to help others improve their practices and processes.

Please submit your proposal by January 25th 2020.