Blended Learning Quality Evaluation

The Blended and Online Learning Quality Evaluation Group sought feedback from students and instructors about their experience of blended learning.

We specifically asked about their experiences during the Fall 2021 term, the first term during which it was possible for students and instructors to return in-person to campus.

The Goal

The aim of the evaluation was to gather feedback that would allow us to evaluate and improve upon the blended learning delivered during this first term. While blended learning is not a new mode of delivery for VCC, the pandemic has led to an increase in its adoption, sometimes in subject areas and with instructors who did not have previous experience of blended delivery.

The Results

Given the results of the most recent student survey, it's clear that there is a desire on the part of students to continue to enjoy the flexibility of online and blended learning at VCC. Based on the results of this evaluation, we are in a position to build on strong foundations of quality blended delivery.

The evaluation comprised two parts:

  1. In-person (via Zoom) Student Focus Groups
  2. Online Faculty Survey

Download the Blended Learning Quality Evaluation

You can download the report findings here: Blended Learning Quality Evaluation Report

Infographic Report Summaries

We also created 5 infographics to present the recommendations of the evaluation.
Click an infographic mage to view it at full size (opens in new window):

8 Course Design Recommendations  Connecting with your students in a blended course  Preparing to teach a blended course  Preparing your students for blended learning  Using Zoom in a blended course 

Download all Blended Learning Evaluation Infographics in a single zip archive.