Indigenizing and Decolonizing Teaching and Learning speaker series (Mar 6)

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Date Day Time Room Location
March 6, 2023 Monday 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Building B, room G222 Broadway campus



Carolyn Roberts

Mar 6
1200 - 1330
Join us in-person BWY B, Room G222
or online via Zoom

Meeting ID: 672 8213 6107
Passcode: 613468

Themes for the sessions center on decolonizing practices in education, Indigenous-informed pedagogy, anti-racist approach and equity in teaching, and Indigenization of post-secondary education. Everyone is welcome to attend. Please note these sessions will not be recorded. A short, moderated Q&A will take place at each session.

Carolyn Roberts uses her voice to support Indigenous resurgence through education. She is a Coast Salish woman belonging to the Baker family from Squamish Nation and the Kelly Family from the Tzeachten Nation. Carolyn is an Indigenous academic working in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University as a Faculty lecturer and Indigenous Pedagogies Teaching Fellow. She has been an educator and administrator for over 20 years in the K-12 system. Carolyn’s work is grounded in educating about Indigenous people and the decolonization of the education system. She works with pre-service teachers to help build their understandings in Indigenous history, education, and ancestral ways of knowing, to create a brighter future for all Indigenous people and the seven generations yet to come. 


TWITTER: @mcarolynroberts



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